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Awards ceremony
The Red Rose Awards 2024 winners have been announced
Red Rose Awards 2024

What have others said about RRA?

If you haven't been to the Red Rose Awards before, ask someone who has!

Or take a look at what people say below...

"The award certainly raised awareness of our company, and has given us further credibility with clients and referrers."

Anderton Gables Previous winners of Property Business Award

"The Red Rose Awards gives businesses at every stage of their lifecycle an opportunity to shout about their achievements and celebrate success. "

Andrea Stamp, Forbes Solicitors Red Rose Awards headline sponsor

"The Red Rose Awards are the most prestigious awards event to promote Lancashire businesses. It just gets bigger and better."

John Stanworth, Barclays Red Rose Awards headline sponsor

"A lot of work went into this. We really adapted quickly as a business to pandemic. It’s been a difficult 18 months, but this is really something to celebrate"

Marc Kirker, Spencer Hayes Group RRA21 award winner

"This is our third Red Rose Award and we’re very proud of the achievement and the consistency we’ve shown. This one is really important to us as we continue on our scale up journey."

Heath Groves, Sundown Solution RRA21 award winner

"We work hard and we like to recognize and reward good performances wherever we see them."

Phil Wilkinson, Ascentis RRA21 award winner

"We’re a family-run businesses and no matter how big we get we don’t forget that. We got through the pandemic by being safe and looking after our people."

Michael Patel, Sapphire Utility Solutions RRA21 award winner

"Simply the best business event in Lancashire, an unsurpassed networking extravaganza from start to finish."

Seneca Partners Red Rose Awards dinner sponsor

"Externally it impresses, internally it generates pride!"

Primary Engineer RRA17 award winner

"Winning a Red Rose Award has raised our profile and given us something to be proud of. It really helps us to showcase the skills we have in the business."

Levity Crop Science Winners of Innovative Business Award 2017
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