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Red Rose Awards 2019
Red Rose Awards 2019
View the #RRA19 winners here

Barclays Bank

From current accounts, mortgages and insurance, to loans, credit cards and saving accounts – Barclays can help you.

Barclays look to understand the ambitions of companies and individuals and are proactive in assisting clients through their industry sector knowledge. Barclays also assist customers on their digital journey by ensuring everyone is aware of the present fraud risks that could impact their business and daily lives.

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  • Headline Sponsor 2018
  • Manufacturing Business Award 2018
  • Headline Sponsor 2017
  • Manufacturing Business Award 2017
  • Headline Sponsor 2016
  • Manufacturing Business Award 2016
  • Headline Sponsor 2015
  • Manufacturing Business of the Year 2015
  • Headline Sponsor 2014
  • Manufacturing Business of the Year 2014
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