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Awards ceremony
The Red Rose Awards 2024 winners were announced on 14 March 2024
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With a Twist

With a Twist is a creative and extremely passionate event caterer.

Every wedding or event we undertake is bespoke, however there are some things that will always remain the same:

  • With a Twist never compromise on the quality of our produce.
  • With a Twist continue to use the most up to date cooking techniques in order to deliver the produce to the plate at its very best.
  • People are everything. Excellent service is compulsory.
  • With a Twist believe in fun, quirky, colourful and stunning presentation ideas. They are always looking to achieve the wow factor!
  • With a Twist will never stop creating new ideas.
  • Attention to the details is critical but most importantly of all... It is all about our clients!

With a Twist will work with clients, listen to their thoughts and ideas and then together create the perfect event.​

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